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Loading Labels



Connection Screen

IPSVT - 6057 - ConnectScreen.png

Once the Monarch 6057 Scanner is turned on, you will be taken to the Connection Screen. The Connection Screen is composed of the display screen, three indicators, and the keyboard. The three indicators will tell you the status of the scanner. They include the battery indicator, the volume indicator, and the wireless indicator. You can make a connection to the server by touching the display screen. This will take you to the Main Menu.

Main Menu

IPSVT - 6057 - Main Menu.png

The ScanIt Parts scanner Main Menu allows you to navigate to the various sections on the scanner. These sections include:

If you need to modify the scanner settings, click on the Settings (gear icon) button and see the Settings section.


IPSVT - 6057 - Scanner Menu.png

To modify the scanner settings, click on the Settings (gear icon) button on the main screen and you'll be taken to the Scanner Menu. There are three buttons in the Scanner Menu, Scanner Settings, Wireless Settings and Maintenance.

Scanner Settings
IPSScan - 6057 - ScannerSettings.png

Scanner Settings allows you to do the following:

  • Change the scanner's volume

Wireless Settings
IPSScan - 6057 - WirelessSettings.png

Wireless Settings allow you to do the following:

IPSScan - Maintenance.png

The Maintenance Menu allows you to:

  • Close the application
  • Reboot the scanner
  • Recalibrate the printer

User Settings

Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory is a program in ScanIt Parts that allows the customer to perform a complete physical inventory of the dealership including counting the parts, posting the results into the DMS, and giving detailed reports on the progress. To see more about the scanner software for Physical Inventory, please click here.