Dealer Management System

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A Dealer Management System (DMS) also referred to as a Dealer Service Provider (DSP) is a software suite that dealerships use to run their day-to-day operations and keep track of their inventories. IPS develops software that integrates into a dealership's existing DMS for an enhanced product. IPS works with the following DMSs:

Emulation Types

DMS Emulation Type Software
Automated Data Processing VT220 Drive
Auto/Mate SCO ANSI AutoMate AMPS
Automotive Retail Group IBM 5250 AS400
AutoSoft Motive Motive
CarParts Wyse 60 AccuTerm
CDK Global VT220 Drive
DealerTrack IBM 5250 DealerTrack DMS Web Client, AS400
Dominion Motive Motive
Infiniti Net IBM 5250 AS400
Reynolds & Reynolds Televideo 955 ERAccess, ERAIgnite